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Software/Data Engineer

Visma is not just about C#! We are technological fanatics. We do React, we do Java, we do Python,  we do… basically everything you can think of. :) 

We are people who have colourful jobs and one of our new opportunities is a new and unique position here in Kosice and it is related to data analytics, data science and data engineering.

If you are a Software Engineer interested in lots of data, eager to be part of a team that values new technology, working closely with end-users and decision-makers, and having lots of fun - we want to hear from you. You will be working with the following technologies that you either have experience from already or is interested to dive into and learn the state of the art tooling:

Here is real stuff or what you will do:

  • Experimenting with new technologies

  • Working closely with end-users and decision-makers

  • Implement and improve data infrastructure/architecture or would like to learn more

  • Create advanced analytics/intelligent software services based on user behaviour data

  • Having a lot of fun (if you like the above-mentioned things)

Technical skillset:

  • Serverless technologies on Google Cloud Platform
  • Google Compute Platform
  • Google Deployment Manager
  • Google Cloud BuildGoogle Kubernetes Engine
  • Google Dataflow
  • Google BigQuery
  • Snowplow (open source project)
  • Dataform (ETL and/or data pipelining)
  • Github
  • Tableau and Google Data Studio

There is a strong connection to Visma Tech Hubs. So let me tell you something more about it.

Visma Tech Hubs is a centre of excellence providing cutting-edge tech competence and solutions within several areas for the hundreds of products in the Visma portfolio.

In the Data Science Tech Hub that you will be part of, our data collection platform enables teams all around Visma to collect and analyze data in and about their products to make the right decisions, whether it is which feature to develop or improve, or how to price and package the product.

With Visma’s more than one million customers and many times more users, this platform’s potential is massive. You will join the team in an early stage where the platform’s first version is up and running, and has received top management commitment and traction in the organization. At the same time, the rollouts have just started and the playing field is wide open when it comes to design decisions thanks to a flexible setup and a low degree of legacy.


Does that sound like something you can handle? Let us know!

We will be glad to invite you for a coffee/beer and talk about Visma, our life in Visma and what can be your mission here. 

Leave your contact and enjoy coffee with us