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Angular Developer

Hello, our potential colleague! 

Visma is not just about C#! We are technological fanatics. We do Java, we do Python,  we do…  basically everything you can think of :) But let me guess, what brought you here is Angular!

AutoPay is a cloud-based service for bank integration that automates the payment flow between an accounting system and the banks in a secure manner. It is integrated already with 25 accounting systems (and more are coming!) and all large banks in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and the Netherlands.

AutoPay saves a lot of time, provides a better overview, and simplifies the payment flow - and the team is expanding in Kosice, too! Our first colleagues in Kosice started in March, another big team is located in Timisoara, as well as in Trondheim and Oslo :)


Your job:

You will directly cooperate with 4 other FE developers (1 in Trondheim, 2 in Timisoara, 1 in Košice), two BAs, and a UX designer. But we have also a few Fullstack developers who contribute to FE, too. 

We are in the process of rewriting some of our older UI pages from AngularJS to Angular (latest version) and keep updating the version for those pages that are already in Angular. We will also re-design and re-implement our pages, so there is an opportunity for you to be part of the decision-making on how to do it.


Product Tech Stack:

FE: Angular, TypeScript

BE: Java (EJB, currently Java 8, but we are in the process to update it to Java 17), Payara App Server

Testing: unit test, Karma (FE), Cypress (QA)

Cloud: AWS

CI/CD: Jenkins

SourceControl: Git (GitHub)

And we - AutoPay Team - are definitely a team who is not afraid to look into new technologies! So if you are a FE fan experienced in FE development, ideally also with cloud experience willing to upgrade to the last technologies you are more than welcome in our AutoPay team :)

Salary offer starting from 2900€. It is based on your experience and knowledge. 



Would you like to know more?

Let us know! We will be glad to invite you for a coffee/beer and talk about Visma, our life in Visma and what can be your mission here.



Leave your contact and enjoy coffee with us