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Senior React Developer

Hello, our potential colleague!

Visma is not just about C#! We are technological fanatics. We do Java, we do Python,  we do…  basically everything you can think of :) But let me guess, what brought you here is JavaScript!

Tired of working on running products? Let's start something new!

Visma E-conomic is a continually growing and strong brand for SMB's in Denmark. E-conomic is coming with new products and functions very fast with simple design in business economic area and development of the newest subproduct will take place in Kosice.

E-conomic made the decision to start with a new subproduct for payroll processing. That's why we are building a new team in Kosice - we will use an integration through API of our existing system - the goal is to reduce complexity for small businesses and do it with a new frontend. And this is the reason why we need you! You will be also responsible for the e-conomic project Market, which we would like to improve and add new features.


Your Team Lead, Zoli, is on board in April together with our QA Specialist. And we are looking for a C# senior/expert developer, YOU as senior React developer, and 1-2 FullStack developers. Product Owner will be located in Denmark.

Tech Stack: 

FE: React

BE: C#, .NET 6

Cloud: Google Cloud

Would you like to be part of this team and Zoli and others to build the FE part of the new product? Would you like to know more? 

Let us know! We will be glad to invite you for a coffee/beer and talk about Visma, our life in Visma and what can be your mission here.

Salary offer starting from 2900€. It is based on your experience and knowledge. 

Leave your contact and enjoy coffee with us