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Service Architect/Tech Lead

Hello, our potential colleague!

Visma is not just about Java! We are technological fanatics. We do React, we do Angular, we do Python,  we do…  basically everything you can think of :) But let me guess, what brought you here is C#!

Idella is a pension fund management product. Several teams are working on its development and we need two senior C# developers with ample technical knowledge and experience.

In this role, you will design an architecture for new parts and set up the structure that other team members can continue with. That's why you should have knowledge/experience broader than just programming - like a public cloud (Azure, ideally), software/system architecture, deployment, performance.

Product Tech stack:

FE: Angular
BE: C# - .net (5, 6)
Testing: Unit tests
CI/CD: Azure DevOps
Other: Azure Cloud (cloud-native in the future)

Salary offer starting from 3300€. It is based on your experience and knowledge. 

Would you like to know more?

Let us know! We will be glad to invite you for a coffee/beer and talk about Visma, our life in Visma and what can be your mission here.

Leave your contact and enjoy coffee with us