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Site Reliability Engineer

Hello, our potential colleague! 

Visma is not just about C#! We are technological fanatics. We do Java, we do Python,  we do…  basically everything you can think of :)

Are you an ambitious Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) with a passion for DevOps, Cloud Native and Kubernetes? Would you like to contribute to the development of a modern  infrastructure on Google Cloud? Then Visma e-conomic might have the right opportunity for you! 

The position 

As our new SRE, you will join the SRE team and collaborate closely with our different development teams. The job is centered around building, maintaining and using Kubernetes infrastructure on Google Cloud, to provide developer support and develop tooling for faster and more reliable integration of our service platform and our main application.

At Visma e-conomic we use various open-source technologies to develop, configure and deploy our infrastructure and application, we rely heavily on technologies such as Spinnaker, RabbitMQ, Docker, Kubernetes, Packer, Ansible and Terraform to deliver our platform while monitoring it with tools such as Datadog, Prometheus, Graphite and Grafana. We write our SRE projects using Bash, Makefiles, Go, JavaScript, YAML and HCL.

You will be joining our development organization Products (R&D) with +100 employees, primarily located in Denmark and Romania, working with technologies like C#, Node.js, Go,  React, MS-SQL, Swift and MongoDB. We are a diverse group of +20 nationalities, including Developers, Product Owners, QA Engineers and UX Designers. We build and design the cloud based accounting system that helps more than 150,000 happy companies run their businesses. We serve more than 50 millions requests daily and are providing our brilliant developer teams with the integrations and tooling that allows for several production deployments every day.

Join a team that is passionate about code

We're very passionate about discussing and designing good code, As are we driven towards a common goal of automating everything between (and including) the local developer environments to the production releases, all while using a critical set of technologies to measure and monitor in order to help us constantly improve our product. We pride ourselves in using infrastructure as code, and using tools like Spinnaker to make deployments smooth and reliable.

We expect you to be an enabler for high developer efficiency and an ambassador for good coding practices. You live and breathe highly automated and scalable solutions and you don’t mind writing integrations where needed. You’re not afraid of debugging a memory dump and you thrive in methodically solving complex problems.

Job tasks

  • Develop tools to improve instrumentation in our application and tool stack
  • Develop tools to enable our developers to work more efficiently
  • Evangelize good practices in Terraform, Kubernetes and infrastructure as code
  • Enable fast and reliable delivery of our applications to customers

We are looking for someone with 

  • At least 2-3 years of experience with SRE / DevOps work or 2-3 years of developer experience
  • Interest on GNU Linux or Open Source software
  • Experience with either Google Cloud Platform, AWS or Azure or a solid interest in Kubernetes and Cloud Native
  • Good communicative skills in English

Salary offer starting from 2200€. It is based on your experience and knowledge. 

Would you like to know more?

Let us know! We will be glad to invite you for a coffee/beer and talk about Visma, our life in Visma and what can be your mission here.

Leave your contact and enjoy coffee with us