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  • 3za3 – Dagger je pain

    Mišo a Lukáš, naši mobilisti z tímu Mobile Employee, dosiahli pracovný míľnik a tak sme jedného z nich vyspovedali pri torte pre naše nové 3za3 (3 otázky za 3 minúty)

  • Python logging

    HOW #9 – Python logging

    Logging is important part of each project. With logs, developer or customers are able to see events happened in the past. Small example: lets say, customer calls you that two week old transactions were not processed and are still stuck in the system. You as a developer thanks to the logging easily detected where the problem […]

  • Hack of the week - how do robots check their emails

    HOW #7 – How do robots check their emails

    In one of the previous Hack of the week article, I wrote how to send emails with python script. Today I will show you, how to read emails, from gmail inbox. This is one of the way, how users can interact with the robots.

  • HOW #6 – Apache Airflow for data operations

    What does it mean to work with data? Well, there are many different operations that could be performed with them including data collection, preprocessing, cleaning, uploading and it’s also good to see the entire data flow in some kind of report. Wouldn’t it be great to automatically trigger those operations just on defined time and all the processes get executed in order? Well, there’s one efficient tool that can do this job for you.

  • Unwanted dependency party in your code (Stairway Pattern)

    Abstraction is a key point to understanding and keeping our focus even if the project is huge. However, it gets complicated if the solution has a dependency “party” that degrades code to be easily-understood and organized. A way to organize dependencies is an adaptation of the Stairway pattern. I have chosen Entourage and Stairway pattern/anti-pattern to dive a little bit into the topic while reading Adaptive Code via C# by Gary McLean Hall.

  • Homeoffice 101: 7 možností, ako sa nezblázniť

    Máme tu staronový „logdan“, a tak sa pýta blog pre všetkých, ktorým je umožnená práca z domu. Homeoffice je žiadaná pauza od dennej rutiny v kancli. Na pohľad lákavá ako „kapurková“, no často so sebou nesie temné stránky ako osamelosť, ponorkovú chorobu či nevyváženosť pracovného nasadenia. Veľa blogov odporúča očividné i zaručené tipy a triky efektívnej práce z domu. A tento nebude iným. Prajem príjemné čítanie.