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C# developer - Idella eBenefits

Hello, our potential colleague!

Visma is not just about JavaScript! We are technological fanatics. We do Java, we do Python, we do… basically everything you can think of :) But let me guess, what brought you here is C#!


Visma in Kosice started its journey in 2018. Today we have more than 180 employees who work on more than 15 products in various technologies such as C#/.NET, JAVA, Angular, React, PHP, Python, mobile development, and more.


Now we are looking to bring onboard a senior C# Developer for one of our great products, Idella. Create with us a strong foundation for a new e-benefits team in Kosice :)

About working in team eBenefits

Our team is building client portals for pension funds and insurers in the Netherlands. We are the user interface that employee, employers, advisors and managers are interacting with to gain insights in and perform mutations to the pensions of individuals. Our goal is to help employees make good decisions now that influence their future financial situation.

To achieve this, we are working with big amounts of data, perform calculations, and build award winning user interfaces.

Product tech stack:

Backend : C#, .NET6, .NET Framework 4.8, .NET Core, REST API's, MS SQL, Entity Framework, Redis

Frontend: Angular 15, TypeScript, HTML5, CSS3, CSS pre-processors, Ivy Renderer & RxJS

We expect you to have

⦁ We are looking for an English speaking developer familiar with web application development,

⦁ at least3 years of experience with C#,

⦁ experience working with SQL, Dependency Injection, and having a good understanding of it's concepts,

⦁ experience working with .NET Framework (if there is also experience working with .NET 6+ that is a preference, but we require experience with .NET Framework),

⦁ nice to have: experience working with the Azure Cloud product suite,

⦁ must be willing to do easier tasks in the frontend as well (full stack developer with backend expertise).


What you get in return

⦁ Office open 24/7

⦁ Lunch vouchers in the amount of 5,50 eur/working day with 100% employers coverage

⦁ 3 sick days per year

⦁ 3 extra days of vacation

⦁ Shared parking space in the Cassovar building

⦁ Paid sick leave from the 10th day

⦁ YDD (Your Development Day) - 1 day a month during which you can do whatever you want for your own education and growth - no task needed to be done that day :)

⦁ Pluralsight, Udemy, Visma Tech learning zone

⦁ Social events, parties, various sessions, game nights, tournaments, and so on a regular basis

⦁ Regular salary adjustment

At Visma, we have a friendly and supportive company culture and we will do our best to make you feel welcome.

Would you like to know more?

Let us know! We will be glad to invite you for a coffee/beer and talk about Visma, our life in Visma, and what can be your mission here.

Leave your contact and enjoy coffee with us