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Front End Engineer

Visma Machine Learning Assets (VML) is a successful AI team in Visma consisting of 15 people - with 3 engineers currently working in the Kosice office (out of a 5 man engineering team). 

We develop state of the art AI APIs primarily for Visma’s other business units. Our AI functionality is used by more than 600.000 European businesses. 

As a front end engineer in the VML team you will be working on our React-based web properties

A team website (our public/commercial front)
Our developer portal for integrators of our APIs
Our internal web tools - primarily the data annotation tool our data team (also in Kosice) use to build our training data sets
AI prototypes - show cases for the APIs we build. 

In terms of your skills we’re looking for a developer with good skills in web development with a modern react stack. The portal and internal tools rely primarily on Material UI. We value highly if you have good product sensibility and an eye for efficient and good looking UI. We don’t have any permanent UX resources in the team to back you up, so it’s preferred that you’re able to make sensible UX decisions on your own. 

The website runs on NextJS - the CMS and services related to that would be your responsibility

All of our services run on Google Cloud Platform.

Other than that we’re flexible when it comes to your work on backend services - the backend team is ready to collaborate on this - but there’s an opportunity for you to participate for sure. We use Firebase for a lot of the portal admin backend. 


Salary starts at 2000 eur btt.

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